My Phrenology Readout



Figures at the left [can't read]eate your ratings standardized as follows: 5 = Very Superior, 4 = Superior, 3 = Average, 2 = Low Average, 1 = Deficient

3 COMPASSION - Average - For general purposes, this is sufficient.  It may be increased by more careful analysis and classification of objects and people.

4 SYMPATHY - Superior - In association with others, see that what you do or say is of mutual benefit. Avoid excess sympathy, [can't read]

2 AGREEABILITY - Low Average - Charity, Philanthropy, Kindness, and cooperation are likely to be limited to a few whom you like.  Extend these to others.

3 VENERATION - Average - Your respect for law and order, ethics, and morals may suffice in general.  Cultivation may be of value along specific lines.

3 PERCEPTIVES - Average - In general your judgement of size, weight, color, number and order satisfactorily.  Specific interests may necessitate more development.

3 CASUALITY - Average - Your interest in causes and effects may serve for general purposes and may be developed with ease.  More analysis valuable.

3 SUAVITY - Average - You can be pleasant, polite, and tactful with others but with many people, you achieve more by exercising more diplomacy and courtesy.

3 CONSTRUCTIVENESS - Average - Your dexterity, ingenuity, constructive talent and capacity for adjustment will usually suffice if exercised creatively.

2 IDEALITY - Low Average - Don't be too "matter of fact" about cultural things of life.  Turn attention more to the appreciation of the fine and beautiful.

1 HOPE - Deficient - Optimism and cheerful anticipation will get more than pessimism.   Express enthusiasm and confidence and you may find the silver lining.

4 EXECUTION - Superior - Being resolute and determined you tent to strongly resist opposition.  Take care you do not trample on others unless justified.

3 SECRETIVENESS - Average - Guard against imprudent speech and action.  Frankness may sometimes be a handicap.  Sincerity may not need to be advertised.

3 CAUTION - Average - For general purposes you exercise sufficient prudence.   Under usual circumstances you should exercise more caution.  Look ahead more.

4 FRIENDSHIP - Superior - Your capacity for friendship is marked.  Exercise it and study ways and means to win more people.  Success depends on friends.

4 INHABITIVENESS - Superior - Your capacity- for love of home and country is very marked.  An asset if it does not prevent your moving when advantageous.

4 CONTINUITY - Superior - Ability to sustain your attention depends upon your use of it.  Capacity for concentration and stabilizing judgement is marked.

4 DIGNITY - Superior - Your estimate of self and your powers may be maintained by active association with others and services rendered to many people.

3 COMBATIVENESS - Average - Do not allow your courage to grow less.  Maintain aggressive resistance to threatening influences.  Defend your interests.

4 APPROBATION - Superior - Love of display and respect for public opinion may be maintained if not offensive.  Continue to win admiration.

4 EXACTNESS - Superior - Your tendency to be accurate and painstaking will serve you well if you do not demand the same degree from all others.  Be tolerant

4 ALIMENTIVENESS - Superior - Your discrimination in food and drink is marked and has a definite value when used.  You tend to place a high value on these.

3 ACQUISITIVENESS - Average - Your sense of values and desire for property may continue as they are or be developed to a greater extent by visualization.

2 SUBLIMITY - Low Average - This degree of appreciation of grandeur in nature may well be increased by a realization of the importance of majestic beauty.

3 WIT - Average - Try to get fun and mirth out of life.  Smile and joke with others and improve your wit.  Exercise your sense of humor by appreciating wit.

1 WIT - Deficient.  Lack of native wit should be offset by cultivating a greater sense of humor.  You need to appreciate more the ludicrous in life.

2 FAITH - Low Average - Lack of trust may prevent you from being swept off of your feet, but it may also block you from accepting athoritative short cuts.