Teresa and Andrew wish you a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season

Is 2021 over already? That was a scary year, but Happy Holidays to all! Let's hope for a better 2022!
Happy Birthday to Andrew! Can you tell what day Andrew's birthday is on?
Pueblo Reservoir bike ride.
As soon as we got our vaccines, we traveled to Atlanta to visit family.
This boot (a gift) must have looked a little odd to the TSA when scanning our carry on luggage. They called out the bomb squad to look it over before letting us head to the gates. The price we pay for art!
While in Atlanta, we met up with Teresa's friends Anita and Phil from Birmingham and hung out at the Fernbank museum.
On our way back from Atlanta, we spent some time in Denver at the art museum and botanical gardens.
Andrew rode up to the top of Independence Pass before they opened this year with friends Mark and Brenda.
One last ski with friends Mark and Leslie on May 28th on Taylor Mountain! Trip was timed perfectly, as contiguous snow was disappearing throughout the day.
Local hike outside of Salida up to Waterdog Lakes.
Andrew joined friend Jimmy who was hiking the entire Colorado Trail. Andrew joined Jimmy for 75 miles in 4 nights/5 days. Andrew has now completed the eastern leg of the Collegiate Peaks Loop, and only has one more segment left on the western leg of the loop.
Max and Millie, while aging a bit, are doing very well and are spoiled as can be.
Anniversary trip to Abiquiu
Visit with our friends Gautam and Donna in Lyons Colorado.
We hosted Teresa's brother Rick and his wife Kim, as well as Teresa's sister Sue and her husband John. It was nice to have Teresa's family in Salida for a visit!
We signed up to do the Mickelson Trail Trek, 109 mile supported bike ride over three days on the Mickelson trail through the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Crazy Horse Monument along the Mickelson.
One of the four old railroad tunnels along the Mickelson.
We made it to Deadwood, the end of the Mickelson trail.
Mile 109 marker on the Mickelson.
Whew! We finished. The Mickelson Trail is pretty special. There aren't many contiguous lengthy graded bike trails like the Mickelson out in this part of the Western US.
On a rainy day after our bike ride, we went for a ride on the 1880's train, a diesel steam engine tourist train that runs between Hill City and Keystone.
Fall family visit to Edwards.
Andrew's college roommate Chris came to visit along with Cherie. They are celebrities in the RVing world, having founded the Mobile Internet Resource Center.
Another Pueblo site: Neon Alley. It continues down the alley behind us...
Teresa near the top of Kennesaw Mountain during our Thanksgiving trip to Atlanta.
Andrew visiting with Phil at Kennesaw Mountain during our Thanksgiving trip to Atlanta.
Our Pueblo cottage - one of the bits of damage from the deadbeat renter we had to encourage to leave.
Partial wall takedown operation in the Pueblo cottage. We are opening the room up a bit and improving airflow.
The wall reconstruction mostly completed.
Our last step is furniture. We have a few more pieces to acquire before we can turn this into an Airbnb.
Dining area and desk in the cottage.
Trip to Santa Fe with friends for Christmas. The plaza was all lit up!
This piece made us laugh in the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, NM.
On our way up to the top of Cerro Grande at 10,200 ft outside Bandelier. A day or two later, this was covered in snow.
We managed to see Santa jamming out to Feliz Navidad on this awesome old firetruck in Santa Fe.
We were in Santa Fe to do the Christmas Eve farolito walk, as well as catch the Santa Fe Desert Chorale and a flamenco performance.
Santa Fe is a foodie town, and we had an awesome dinner out with friends Mark and Becky at Coyote Cafe.
We wish everyone a peaceful and prosperous 2022!

HO HO HO... Oh no! Is it time for the 2021 Holiday Card already!?! Keeping it brief again this year, although you can find more details in the photo captions.

Well, it seems Covid is not quite finished with us yet. We've both had our vaccination and booster to keep us as safe as possible. We've had our share of being shut in, but we were still able to get out and enjoy life a bit this year including trips to Atlanta, South Dakota and other locations around Colorado.

We enjoyed hosting Teresa's sister Sue and brother Rick, along with their spouses in Salida. However, somehow we failed to take any nice photos with them? So our new years resolution is to take more photos of friends, family, and events!

One big project that kept us busy in 2021 was remodeling our cottage at the Pueblo property we purchased last year. Once we got our deadbeat renter out, we realized he left us a huge mess and plenty of damage. So, we learned to patch drywall and had some friends help us remove part of a wall and we did a LOT of painting! We are finally to the point of adding new flooring and furniture. We hope to rent it out as an Airbnb some in 2022.

Andrew is working full time for Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (TTCI) based in Pueblo and still really enjoying the work. The housing boom continues in Salida, keeping Teresa's business (TandaCAD) busy as well, although she is trying to slow down a bit!

Family is doing as well as can be expected as well.

We hope this finds you well, and.....

May the Universe smile on all of you with Peace and Happiness!

Teresa and Andrew

What a long strange year it's been...

Here's a live shot from our webcam (mounted on the front of our house)...